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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for joining or using the app?

No, the app is free for both youth and organizations.

What benefits do organizations get by joining the app?

Organizations can easily do targeted outreach to youth ages 9 to 25 who are looking for specific services and resources. The app makes it easier to connect with youth either within a certain geographic area or throughout Colorado.

How do youth find organizations through the app?

Youth on the app participate in self-discovery activities and indicate their interests, strengths, and goals. Behind the scenes, the app takes that information and creates hashtags. Organizations who join will identify hashtags applicable to their programming. Youth are then able to see organizations that have a matching hashtag and can indicate interest in specific organizations by tapping “Connect.” Organizations can send messages to youth who have tapped “Connect.”

Can organizations reach out to youth?

Organizations can only reach out and send messages to a young person after the youth has indicated interest with that specific organization through the “Connect” button. Organizations will be able to see all youth who have tapped their “Connect” button, as those youth have given permission for the organization to reach out to them.

Can my organization get an email notification if a young person wants to connect with us?

Yes, when a young person wants to connect, the organization will receive a notification in the email they provided upon joining the app.

Do staff need to be logged into the app on their personal phones to send messages?

No! Adult staff will receive an email notification with a link to the I’mInto website when a young person wants to connect. The staff member can then log in on the website and send a message to the youth, who will receive it on the app.

If my organization has several programs, should we house them all under one account on the app?

We prefer that each program is listed separately to provide as much hashtag customization as possible. However, the main contact for each program can be one person with the same log-in information, if requested.

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