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I’mInto is a completely free app for youth and organizations in Colorado that fosters the connections that can provide support and guidance young people need. To achieve this, the app has three components:

  • Discovery. The app will have a fun and engaging way of discovering the youth but also help the youth through self-discovery. Getting to know the youth and helping get to know themselves is the first step in fostering connection.
  • Connection. Through the process of self-discovery, the app can help to make connections between youth and organizations that can help them out or encourage their strengths. Youth and also connect with other youth that may be dealing with similar issues.
  • Contribution. We believe that is important that the app also encourages opportunities for youth to give back to the community and other youth. Contribution¬†in the community is a key to whole health.

View the prototype on your mobile device

ImInto App on iPhone
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